Kitchen Faucet Buying Guide

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Majority of your time in the kitchen will be spent around two things – the gas range and your kitchen faucet. Quite naturally, a clean and working kitchen faucet is vital to any kitchen. Unfortunately, repairing, changing and replacing faucets that go bad costs a lot of money. For those who live on rent, any cheap kitchen faucet available in the local home store will do just fine but if you are a homeowner then you need to think twice before purchasing the first faucet you see. Remember, there is a lot more to faucets than just the brand and price.

Thanks to the years of kitchen remodeling and designing, I have got a chance to play with various kinds of faucets and from almost all the brands. Naturally, I can pinpoint specific negatives about particular designs as well as justify the higher price tag for a more technologically advanced unit. It is all this experience and knowledge that I bring to my kitchen faucet buying guide. Unfortunately, there is a lot that I want to tell you, to help you, but space and time is limited hence, I have made a compact list of three things that you ought to keep an eye on when choosing the perfect kitchen faucet. As long as you get these three things right, you should do just fine.

The Three Steps To A Perfect Kitchen Faucet

Now naturally, when you purchase a new kitchen faucet, you would like to get something that is better than what you previously owned. But, how do you decide that your new faucet is better than the old one? Well, these three criteria will let you decide once and for all.

  • Operation and Function
  • Mounting Mechanism
  • Style and Finishing

I am not saying that you should only look at these three criteria. No, instead you should look at a lot more things but before you do, remember to always compare the above three things first.

Some Other Things To Consider

Like I wrote earlier, selecting a perfect faucet for your kitchen is easy when broken down into three steps but there are still a few variables that can go amiss. For instance, the warranty and guarantee. Some companies believe in their product and charge you a premium just so that they can provide lifetime warranty. As with any form of assurance, there are fine print to comb through but having a promise from a company that their faucet is going to last for a lifetime is definitely worth paying extra for. Likewise, some brands tend to offering proprietary technology that helps smoothen the flow of water, or aerate water better – such improvements are brand specific and may or may not be worthy of consideration.

How you decide what matters and does not matter is entirely up to you but that is why I make reviews on as many popular kitchen faucets as I can – so that it is easier for you to decide. Once you shortlist a few faucets by reading my reviews then look over all the extra features, warranty, durability and cost to finally find your perfect faucet.

But first, read Step One to choosing the ideal kitchen faucet – “Operation and Function”